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Kneekeeper is a mobile application that aims to decrease the prevalence of knee injuries among young athletes through a personalized program of neuromuscular exercises. Kneekeeper will provide access to training circuits and exercises which are designed by the world’s leading movement science experts and based on the most up-to-date research proven to reduce the occurrence of devastating knee injuries. Through targeted assessments to determine the user’s unique weaknesses, Kneekeeper will provide a personalized plan to help the athlete increase their durability, improve their performance, and keep them on the court or field.

Once Kneekeeper is downloaded from the App Store, each user will run through a movement assessment designed to address the most common indicators for knee injuries and improve the user’s overall durability in their sport of choice. Upon running through the assessment and gathering the results, Kneekeeper will automatically design a personalized, three time per week workout program for the user. The workouts will have a daily focus, and provide unique exercises designed to address a variety of performance and durability indicators. Users will be able to track their progress, view previous workouts and assessments, as well as schedule their future workouts. Kneekeeper will also remind you when to retake the assessment, so the user can make certain they are moving in the right direction.